Friday 18 May 2018


A  couple of poems about the past. 
The first concerns a book I read in the early 1970's, that promised to be a guide to astral projection. Now you can find out the technique on Wiki How

Astral Projection

We pooled our resources,
bought the book together,
a common strategy in those days.
Whoever read it first,
tight lipped until the other
slowly reached the final page.
I want to say it was a primer,
that it opened my life fantastically,
but it did not.
Active dreaming could not be learnt from that book.

In Bali, several lifetimes later,
every night while I slept
I soared over Somerset fields.
That was the nearest ever I came.
This next poem was sparked while painting. An image of the white bands of paint that used to be painted on the main road in the factory where I used to work just popped into my head. 

Castner-Kelner Poem 2

There were these white lines of paint
on the main road inside the factory gates
where the company tested
its domestic paint range.
Every week, it was someone from the Labs job
to check how they fared
under the industrial traffic and tainted air.
That’s how it was back then,
a huge complex system that gave lives meaning.
Employment has coarsened over the years,
now zero-houred, I do not have that security.
We let it go too easy.
I do think we have lost job security since the 2008 Crisis. The gap between rich and poor is growing and social mobility is a thing of the past.
I leave you with Anna Ternheim Keep Me in the Dark.

Until next time.

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