Friday, 21 December 2018


Happy shortest day. For me this day has special significance, it feels like the start of the new year.
More correfoc photographs this post. I am a sucker for fireworks.
An observational poem. 

lone man in a car
stopped at traffic lights

listen to his music blare
disturb the day

the bass beats at my chest
he looks calm almost bored

amber to green

he pulls away
takes his party with him
As with the last post a pretty straight forward poem. There is something to be said for just writing what you see. The main work comes with the revisions. It's always worth playing about with spacing and exactly where you end lines, carrying an idea onto the next line can alter the pace of the poem.
I came across this concert of Bob Marley from 1979. It's superb. Happy listening.
Until next time.

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