Friday, 8 March 2019


Another revised poem today, once more thanks to the Secret Poets.
This is the third revision, you can read the earlier drafts here and here.

At The Leechwell

Did we believe less?
Was your faith the greater?
You, who turn away,
make the sign of the cross
at the sound of the bell
as we walk to the well,
burdened as we are
by the double curse
of disease and The Fall.

Cold water,
cold morning.
No cure,
no change,
no blessing from above.

We turn back towards the leper house,
moving slowly through the spaces
that our lives once occupied.

The layout is the most obvious change, that and the substitution of leper house for lazar. The Secrets were of the opinion that it made the poem more immediate. There was also discussion around the double negative of disease and The Fall. Those of a more grammatical bent will appreciate that the Fall and disease are not a double negative. Again it made the poem more accessible and for that I give thanks.
Here is Anna Ternheim with an orchestra.
Until next time.

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