Friday, 21 June 2019


May you have a wondrous Summer Solstice. 
Here's a poem I wrote some time ago. I thought it may have been the prelude to something longer but nothing has surfaced. 
The details of the gridlock and car pollution I drew from a holiday in Porto. The air quality was variable due to the car exhaust.

Night in the steep streets of this river valley
contain his dreams, earthbound.
He trudges through juxtapositions of the day’s events,
citing their sources, silently to himself.

Often as not the day brings gridlock.
Lines of idling engines to contribute
to the tightness of his lungs.
Such is the life he lives these days.

I am running a poetry workshop at the Tropical Pressure Festival on 12th July. The festival is at Mount Pleasant Eco Park, Porthtowan, Cornwall. It promises to be a wonderful weekend of amazing music. 
The last time I was there the quality of the poetry produced at the workshop was excellent. You can read about it here.

Here is the festival headlines LA-33 ripping it up.
Until next time.

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