Friday, 8 January 2021



I have to admit that I did not expect the Mad Emperor Across the Water on Wednesday to incite his deluded believers into such an illegal action. As I watched the insurrection and the police's initial reaction, I could not help but think how different their response would have been if the people demonstrating had not been white...

Here's to sanity and the rule of law.

Now a poem about trainers. I make no great claims to know anything about trainers. It was inspired by something I once saw.

Best Foot Forward

Sat at the back of the lecture

he decides to invest in his future,

scrolls down the screen

but which colour?


selects the green

Up the front a woman talks

sketching maps to a happy future,

suggestions fly over his head.

To take advantage of the unique offer

he must pay for his trainers now

and will continue to do so

for the rest of his life.

This is a rather simple poem. It reveals its secrets on the first reading. It was written quickly and left for over a year as I was unsatisfied with it. I couldn't get the middle right. Looking at it again, it was easier to see the faults and correct them.

Here's Khruangbin and Leon Bridges with Texas Sun. The song is lovely sadly the same cannot be said for the state's senator...

Until next time.

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