Friday 29 January 2021



I usually remember my dreams on waking and some times they organise themselves into a poem. 

dream number two

the wedding party spilled from the building

not caring relaxed laughing

I searched you out noted you had changed back

into the dress you wore the day before

there was no need for words

there never had been

the cars quickly became bored with waiting

their horns began to honk

the wedding guests like a river

flowed into the souk

I was left on the pavement

You can read number one here.

dream number three

I dreamed you last night

you had not aged

I cannot remember what you said

just your smile

that quiet calm that was

always at your centre

that’s all

I woke up feeling one skin short

as if I had slept too long

and woken in the wrong world

I was pleased with the feel of all three poems, they capture that longing.

The wondrous Annabelle Chvostek has a new album coming out soon. I for one can't wait. Here is the first single Walls

Until next time.


  1. Replies
    1. Hi Paul, thanks. I'm not sure they are complete. I shall leave them for a couple of months and see how they have matured. Distance grants us better vision.