Friday 22 April 2022


I was unsure about posting this poem as I think it says more than it shows, however, I shall let you decide.

better days

I returned to the scene of my first wedding night

like some voyeuristic thief who must convince himself

that he has really got away scot-free

the hotel had long gone replaced by a car park

so I supposed the only physical memory

was the coat hanger I had taken away with me

you were missing of course

I walked streets 

past closed shops

stood on the beach

the wind raised waves of fine sand

until it combined with the rain

to send us all in doors again

the cracked pavement 

a broken mirror

reflecting the street lights up to the stars

There's not much to say about it as I think the poem contains the background. I wanted it to sound weary.

Annabelle Chvostek was performing recently in Montevideo, I wish I'd been there!

Until next time.

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