Friday 21 October 2022


Last week I spent an enjoyable afternoon walking around the British Art Show 2022 in Plymouth. I know the majority of readers of this blog live in America but as Liz Truss has managed to tank our economy and bring Sterling to an all time low, you may be able to afford to visit. Let's face it we Brits will all be on our uppers if this insane tory death cult is not replaced...

The Home Secretary has resigned citing her opponents as the Guardian-reading, tofu-eating wokerati- hey! She means me! I read said newspaper, I eat tofu and I thoroughly detest this [unelected] government. 

Let's return to saner topics. At the exhibition one installation that caught my attention was by Oliver Beer and explored the relationship between sound and space. The installation was divided into three parts and represented his grandmother, his mother and his sister. He has taken objects that were significant to them and miked them up to reproduce the notes they produce. The effect is rather similar to an orchestra tuning up. My attention was caught by a golden hare. 

in this space for true notes

the ones the everyday world hurries by unheard

we await the golden hare to sing

when it arrives

it is as sonorous as you would expect

and is over before you realise

so you wait again

Once again I am breaking my rule of not showing very new poems. I think it works in relation to the installation, but you really need to know the background for the poem to be understood.

Here's Iron And Wine's first album. It is a haunting work of art.

Until next time.

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