Friday 11 August 2023


Don't you just love the tories? This week we've had the deputy of the party being offensive again. I think the amount of gravitas they could scrape together would be the opposite of a black hole. The quicker these clowns are out of office the better it will be for the nation, and don't get me started on how the crime minister has sided with the fossil fuel lobby. Planet or profit? Let's see...

Enough. Here's something I've been writing for a couple of weeks. It has grown organically and does not relate to real life, rather like the crime minister...

another race to run

the clock ticks down

distance stretches out

so here I go rounding bends

racing straights to curse

the sequence of coloured lights

that slow me to a stop

release the clutch

to gun the engine

thirty minutes after I arrive

movement is in my blood

my mind inhabits that track

and half an hour from then

you will ask your question

after too long a pause

I shall give you my second answer

the one that took the time to craft

and all that space

the machine ate

springs back into place

I suppose if I had to sum this poem up in a sentence it would be something like how we are the engines of our own destruction. Truth in all aspects of life is essential. We know this but do something else. Perhaps this is the human condition?

I make no apologies for this acoustic version of what for me is the song of the summer. Here's boygenius.

Until next time.

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