Friday 4 August 2023


I was visiting the National Portrait Gallery last Saturday and I had just found a seat in the café when I looked out of the window to see someone taking a photograph of the building. Simultaneously I realised I would be in the picture framed by the window. This thought led me to write this poem.


I will be in your photograph

the one you are taking now

of the grand facade of this building

as I am sat in the coffee shop

sipping green tea

looking out of the window

my face a collection of coloured pixels

caught on the screen of your phone

as you record every moment of your life

It's an early draft but I suspect it's almost there. I went to see the Paul MacCartney exhibition of photographs from 1963/4 and very splendid it was. I can't recommend the show enough. If you can get there it's more than worth a look. 

I also went to naifs for a meal on Saturday night. Honestly I cannot sing the praises of the cuisine highly enough. Every time I eat there the food is superb. It has to be the best place to eat in London. Here's another little poem I wrote in response to the wet summer we are experiencing.

the weather is changeable irrational non-negotiable

like an actor playing against type

who discovers joy in the chaos their character unleashes

There's not much to it. It arrived quickly. I think it captures the cold, wet summer we are experiencing here in the south west. Perhaps September will be dry...

I suppose I should end with The Beatles in all their glory.

Until next time.      

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