Friday 13 October 2023


 A rewrite this post. I was looking over some poems from last year and I saw how I could improve this poem. You can read the earlier version here

the secrets of the sun

hide in plain sight

but you need asbestos eyes

to clock the beauty

of hydrogen becoming helium

some have tried

Milton for example went blind

hunting solar flares at noon

through a borrowed telescope

but all you have to do

is accept what you are given

welcome the sun’s light on your skin

it really is as simple as that

Well, the last line of the first stanza stood out as being rather ungainly. Plus the conclusion seemed clunky. I think it reads better now and it may be there!

Lizzie Nunnery and Vidar Norheim have a new video out. The new album is excellent. I shall review it soon but here is Magical Times.

Until next time. 

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