Friday, 10 September 2021



I have mentioned Milton in a poem before, well quoted him. Apparently he went blind in later life, which I was once told, was because he looked at the sun through Galileo's telescope. I'm not sure of the validity of this information but used it in this poem.

the secrets of the sun

hide in plain sight

but you need asbestos eyes

to clock the beauty

of hydrogen become helium

some have tried

Milton for example went blind

hunting solar flares at noon

through a borrowed telescope

so a word to the wise

accept what you are given

welcome the sun’s light on your skin

let it warm those ageing bones

that’s as much as anyone has to do

 I got the first line on Saturday and the poem wrote itself over the weekend. I have been revising it up until yesterday. I think it's about there.

I am going to be running a poetry workshop in the near future, if you are interested in stretching your poetic chops let me know. 

Here's Joy Crookes, she's got an album coming out soon and is touring in the autumn.
Until next time.

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