Friday, 17 September 2021



Thanks go once again to the Secret Poets for their assistance in revising these poems. 

The first [you can read the last version here] required a complete restructuring.

Greener Grass

some do not understand the beneficence of drink

how it grants distance smooths life’s wrinkles

he spends his evenings on park benches

slowly observing the clouds change shape

a tin of the cheapest Pilsner warm in his hand

bewitched by his escape plan

there is better than here

this land being cursed

but over the hill lies real promise

everything will be so different 

I think it reads better now, though I was loath to lose the references to Calypso, but clarity is essential.

This second poem only required the removal of the last line. You can read the original here.

the secrets of the sun

hide in plain sight

but you need asbestos eyes

to clock the beauty

of hydrogen become helium

some have tried

Milton for example went blind

hunting solar flares at noon

through a borrowed telescope

so a word to the wise

accept what you are given

welcome the sun’s light on your skin

let it warm those ageing bones

Here's some more music by Pollyanna.

Until next time.

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