Friday 20 August 2021



I have always rather admired Odysseus and his trickster  ways. A man who could not keep his mouth shut until it was absolutely necessary. If you haven't read the Odyssey then you should, if only for it's allegorical tale of a veteran returning home and the difficulties everyone faces.

I mention this because I reference Calypso in the following poem. Calypso ensnared Odysseus on his homeward journey from Troy and kept him in thrall for many years. The poem proposes that the main character is his own Calypso in that he creates his own fantasy to enthrall himself.

he is his own calypso

though he misses the reference

and hates the music

bewitched as he is by his escape plan

there is better than here

where he has failed to make a go of it

this land being cursed

as are all the places he has left behind

but over the hill

up the motorway

lies real promise

everything will be so different 

This next poem is also about the same fictional character.

The Pleasures of Alfresco Alcohol

they do not understand

the beneficence of drink

how it grants distance

smooths out life’s wrinkles

they badger him

and he hides his habit

evenings spent

on park benches

slowly observing

the clouds change shape

a tin of the cheapest Pilsner

warm in his hand

Here is some more vintage Calypso.

Until next time.

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