Friday, 27 August 2021



I've been working on this idea for a while. The difficulty was how to lay it out and I settled on a prose poem.

in those days he was expected to wear a suit and tie   over time the act of knotting his tie became a measure   for the thickness   the weave   the stiffness of the silk presented unique challenges   if it knotted easily then it would be plain sailing   if repeated attempts were required to achieve the desired effect then the day lay in ambush

but that was then

that job does not exist any more and he only needs one tie   black   like his suit for funerals

I used to think that difficulty in getting the correct shaped knot on my tie indicated my stress level but I like the idea of it being an omen. 

Here's some old music from the 60s. Painting Box by the Incredible String Band.

Until next time.

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