Friday, 3 September 2021



I've been struggling this week to write anything that works. Once in a while I have times like this. I think I need to take things in, to experience, before I can assimilate my impressions and turn them into poetry. I think the pandemic is getting me down. 

This is a little piece I am prepared to show.

once the coast was clear

all the humans gone

the gulls moved in to



savage what remained

night was falling

change was in the air

they had been here before

all might perish yet

I wanted to capture the apocalyptic situation we find ourselves in. Birds survived the last mass extinction, who knows what will survive this one.

This second snippet is advice from a character actor, at least that was how I framed the words.

be present but not central

avoid the spotlight

for that lime lighted circle

must fall dark

then where will you be

Somber stuff huh?

Not everything is so bleak. I've been painting the back bedroom and listening to The Beach Boys. This is superb, such harmonies.

Until next time.

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