Saturday, 12 December 2015


I have been writing and amending poems this week, none of them though are of a state to share.
Here is a poem  I have been refining for the past month or so.
I read a review of a book that allegedly wanted to prepare us for life after this civilisation collapses, it claimed that it would take one human 53 years to eat the contents of an average supermarket. Facts like that lodge easily in my head.


I once read in some book that claimed to chart our failed future
that, theoretically, it would take a single human
53 years to eat the contents of a supermarket,
given electricity, I supposed, and a can opener
and a stove that worked for that long.
I'm on the third floor reading poetry,
when it occurs to me that it would take several lifetimes
to read every book in this library.
When this world is gone, if I am left,
would I be tempted to burn books to keep warm?
I suppose the answer to the question is yes, I would burn a book. Perhaps if we did survive we would turn our backs on the knowledge that the civilisation had been built on. What do you think?
Here's Anna Turnheim singing Goodbye.
And here's another new song.

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