Friday, 25 June 2021



A number of little poems two of which are rewrites.

I got given a chair, a leather recliner

back in the day, my sister in law’s mother quit smoking to save the money buy it

my wife hates it, claims its the wrong chair for the room

but as the record spins, I recline again and the music flows from the speakers

I know I have many to thank for this moment of bliss

It is pretty straight forward reportage, though I can't remember what it was I was listening to.

This next one has had a couple of words changed, I think, for the better. You can read the first draft here.

unbeknown to you

this patch of grass

is spring loaded

and as you absently

place down your glass

the stalks conspire to tip it over

and feast on the spilled red wine

For the changes to this last last poem I have the Secret Poets to thank. It was suggested that I put a line break after the fifth line to add to the emotional impact. I think it does. You can read the other version here.

Industrial Action

Moses downed tools

and before the management capitulated

things turned very nasty

frogs fell from the sky alive

and children died.

Imagine that

children died.

Could you pray to a deity

that valued one child’s life over another?

Phew! much to read this post.

Anyway here is Hatful of Rain with The Exit Song.

Until next time.

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