Friday, 1 October 2021



Have you ever played a trust game? Those exercises that depend upon you trusting the other participants? I did recently for the first time in ages. We had to run across an empty room into the arms of the other people, simple you might think, but you had to wear a blindfold. 

I think I took about a hundred years to cross, slowly, four metres. Hence this poem.


twenty of us wait in a ragged line

to catch the blindfold runner

who slows to a tentative halt

two-thirds of the way across

the rehearsal room floor

though the next paces out the twelve steps

he forgets to count before he stops

an arms length from salvation

and so it goes each person quick or slow

then it’s my turn to wear the sleep mask

I totter many miles

before welcoming arms hold me

I am not sure it is complete yet, I only wrote it this week, so am far too close to see the flaws. I was going to call it The Blindfold Runner but I think Trust is a better title. Watch this space on that one.

Here's Aterciopelados

Until next time.

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