Friday, 19 November 2021



I do try to avoid politics in my posts and, to an extent, in my poetry, as I believe political poems have a very short shelf life. However, the recent execrable activities of the  greedy, second raters who make up this countries present government has led me to write a political poem.

once more I echo my father...


jobs for the boys

feathering their own nests

putting our money in their pockets

he had a lot of words for it

but then he’d had longer to observe it

God knows what he’d have made

of today’s crop of no hopers

brass necked

blatant begging bowls

the hard faced refusal to resign

no matter how compromised

I have to agree with him

we deserve better

Let us hope, that soon, such poltroons are replaced by competent individuals who place the welfare of the country above the opportunity to have two jobs and do neither well.  

For balance here is a silly poem which is also based on reality. Yes, I did make a vegetable lasagna when visiting Singapore many years ago.

Pasta making in Singapore

The oven is taking its time,

still cooler than this kitchen.

At this temperature the milk could curdle

I’m turning it into Hollandaise before it does

and with wine bottle rolling pin

generating pasta of a robust thickness.

Tropical night, humid heat,

moist neck, damp face, wet hair,

sweat drips off my nose,

finally the lasagna enters the oven.

I wrote the poem some time ago but that I still am unsure it is completed.

Recently I have been listening to Manel a lot. I leave you with La Jungla.

Until next time.

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