Friday, 8 July 2022


I have just returned from travelling in France and Spain. I decided to take the train rather than risk cancelled flights. This country is on its uppers. The government is a joke bereft of integrity and vision.But at least the mendacious buffoon masquerading as the Crime Minister is being forced to stand down.  

A word of explanation to those of you lucky enough to have escaped Music & Movement classes. Back in the early 1960s children in Primary School had classes designed to enable the children to express themselves through dance. The only session I remember clearly is the time we had to imagine we were items of clothing hanging on the washing line as the wind began to build in intensity.

music & movement

the primary school me

had no idea of how to be

clothes on a washing line

blown by the cruel wind

so not for the first time

I copied everyone else

this mid 60s me finally

understands how it feels

to be washing on that line

buffeted as we are

by each new knee jerk policy change

I am not sure the last line works. I wrote it while I travelled across France reading in The Guardian the latest excess of the worst Crime Minister we have had in a long time.

I leave you with The Beat [English Beat if you are American] playing Stand Down Margaret, a song about the last infamous Tory Crime Minister. The ones in between being a sorry bunch of second raters.

Until next time.

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