Friday 15 July 2022


I am at Tropical Pressure this weekend. I am running a workshop and reading. It is an honour and a delight to be asked back. It is such a lovely festival, a highlight of the summer for me. Perhaps I will see you there?

Another poem from my rail trip across France to Catalunya. We travelled through the centre of the heatwave. It was the only time the trains we rode had difficulties. The signals failed due to the heat. On both occasions we were headed for Bordeaux and arrived there late at night. 

travelling in times of unusual weather

he had expected more delays

but the trains ran through the heatwave

slowed only by a series of failed signals

the passengers were handed

plastic bottles of warm water

until the supply ran out

the heat in the final station

stole the sweat from the skin

this is how the world burns

I like the reportage style of the poem. It is a story plainly and simply told. We humans seem to have an infinite capacity for ignoring danger signs. Our politics seem designed to keep us focusing on tomorrow rather than the bigger picture. Oh, as usual the photographs have nothing in common with the post. They are all of Canet de Mar

I'm particularly looking forward to seeing Suntou Susso this weekend as I missed him recently at Dartington. More on Tropical Pressure Next post.

Until next time.

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