Friday, 1 July 2022


I am away in Catalunya at the moment and have written a number of posts in advance. I find that easier to do than to attempt to keep up while on holiday. This post's poem is a revision. You can read the original here.

Escape Velocity

gunpowder rockets never fell back to earth

just rise upwards consuming stick and cylinder

kissing the vacuum

they return their borrowed carbon to the stars

the dead in space on the other hand

who number more than you think

look on in envy tethered as they are

to the planet that birthed them

in various degrees of patience

they await release from

the first kiss of the red giant sun

Is it more definite for making the first stanza a statement? I was unsure as in the last version it seemed an awful long time before the conceit was explained. What do you think?

Let's hope the weather is being kind to me. Here's Anne Peebles with a classic song. If you look closely you can see a Womble in the audience!

Until next time.

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