Friday, 26 August 2022


Another revised poem this post. I was not happy with the previous version, you can read that here. I discussed it with the Secret Poets and they helped clarify my misgivings.

The classic murder mystery continues to disappoint

My book is read once again

I must walk through the head of the reader

and overhear to their thoughts

The author may deploy

sleight of hand

far fetched coincidences

then withhold vital information

until the final chapter

We are gathered in the library

yes it smacks of desperation I know

shamed as I am by my exposure

my outlandish confession

the other characters look away

And you dear reader sigh

think how trite the ending is

But hold on one moment

is any better constructed

I think it has a clearer narrative now and I have removed the last line. Time for it to go away again for another couple of months.

Here's Anna Ternheim and Johnossi.

Until next time.

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