Wednesday, 21 January 2015


"When we dream anything is possible..." so says Catalan artist Juame Plensa. The sharp eyed amongst you will remember when I posted some photographs of his work in Bordeaux. 
At that time I mentioned that he had been commissioned to create a memorial to the St. Helens miners. Just before Christmas I finally got round to visiting it.  
It is superb.
You arrive at the back of the head after walking along a pleasant path. The whole are ahas been turned into a park, half wild, and the views are excellent.
The sheer size of the work astonishes. It is a true memorial to the many men that worked below ground for many generations. Apparently there is still a workable seam of coal under the ground. Another victory for ideology over common sense. Thanks Thatcher and the tory hatchet men.
Enough politics. If you are ever in the St. Helens area then Dream should be top of your sight seeing list. 

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