Friday, 9 January 2015


A memory again this post. It came about one morning when I was quickly dressing in a cold bedroom and suddenly all the constricting rules that superstition can chain us in came flooding back.

I have told you some of this before,
how we were required to touch our collars
should we see an ambulance or hearse.
This was the early 1960's and there was more:
when pulling on your clothes in the dark cold bedroom,
as quickly as you could, naturally,
should you find your jumper was back to front,
you could not take it off.
Bad luck would stalk your day.
Taking arms out of sleeves and turning it,
was acceptable - just.
And if it was inside out- then you wore it like that.
All who saw would understand.
This was Widnes after all,
a town conjured into existence
so someone else could make money,
and that was running out.
Round the corner was Thatcher and globalisation.
Let's face it we needed all the help we could get.
I can't say how universal this belief was. It certainly held sway on my street and the Simms Cross area. Have you any similar memories?
Here's Stevie Wonder and Superstition.

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