Saturday 4 July 2015


An explanation for those of you reading this outside of the UK: MOT [Ministry of Transport certificate] is a legal requirement, once a year all motor vehicles have to be checked for road worthiness. 
If you are passionate about your writing how can you develop your skills?
How do you know that you are writing to the best of your abilities? 
Where do you go for sound professional advice?
As part of the Taunton Live Festival CIC are hosting a unique opportunity; the chance to have conversation with a published poet [me] and receive constructive feedback on your work.
Each consultation will last for 20 minutes and you will have the choice of submitting four poems before hand via email.

OK that's the pitch out of the way. 
I am excited by this idea. I got it from the artist consultations they have a comic expos. You have fifteen minutes or so to show your portfolio to an established artist. I thought why not offer poets the same? 
If you are interested contact CIC.
But whatever you do don't stop writing!

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