Friday 24 July 2015


Emily Fay McCoy  reading at this years 2000 Trees Fesitval
I'm off to Warwick Folk Festival this weekend. I'm reading and running a poetry workshop.
So one poem in progress.

CBT wk2

emotion swells
the surge forward of panic and despair
that washes over us all
then feeds back over the hesitant facilitator

she's one week ahead of us in the manual
she consults her ill prepared hand scrawled notes
and plucks an image from the air

reflecting on this I have to question
and so take my place as the wind bag
therapy by numbers

ask myself why I am here again
there is one thing I am certain of these people deserve better

ship wrecked we cling to the tables
in the hope that the hesitant words may hold the secret
Reading in Bredon Books on Monday as part of the Taunton Live Festival
I leave you with Alela Diane singing Lost Land.


  1. Hi Paul! I hope you have a wonderful time at the festival. I love this parting poem (in progress). Best wishes.

    1. Hello MsMariah
      Good to hear from you. The festival was fun. Though it did rain rather a lot- I think we may have had our summer here. Still can't complain. I'm appearing at Farmfest this weekend. Glad you like the work in progress. I need to leave it for a while so as to get a new perspective.