Friday 19 May 2023


I'm back from London now and enjoying the seaside. Here's a couple of poems I'm working on. The first just wrote itself from the memory.

well it’s as far away now as it will ever be

my mother said this every Christmas Day 

once she’d fed the family

and my dad was asleep in his chair

I have only adopted one of these two behaviours

deciding after much exploration

that life is best lived in the moment

Christmas will take care of itself

Most Christmas afternoons I think of my mother's words, though as I write, I do see the world in a different light. That said I also like to sleep in the chair as well!

The second poem is based on something I saw driving back to Torquay. By the side of the road was a convoy of two long vehicles each transporting half of a house. You know those wooden structures that look like they've been sawn in half by a giant. This is the resulting poem.

on the run off the motorway

the half house blew a tyre

watch the walls sway

and the hard shoulder bulge

as both halves stop

awaiting the tyre fitter

I’m five hours on the road

heading home from the smoke

as their drama unfolds

I flash by 

Obviously I could not stop and write as I wanted to get home, so the first line kept whizzing round my head for the rest of the journey. Both poems are mere sketches but I thought they are worthy of sharing.

Here's The Move. I think they were an excellent singles band in the 60s. Although Roy Wood's tabard is rather dodgy looking these days.

Until next time.

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