Friday 26 May 2023


 At the moment I've been working on a number of poems. This first one was prompted by a visit to some friends who have foxes living in their garden. They live in London. As I was leaving the phrase the fox garden came into my head and I spent the next seven days ruminating on it. When I sat down to write I got the bare bones down but it took another two weeks to get this serviceable draft right. By the way all I took from the conversation was the title, the words are mine alone.

The Fox Garden

we were letting the garden rewild

it was the thing to do

make a dignified withdrawal

hand it back to nature

besides we had grown lazy

lived lives inside four walls

it was inevitable they would annex the space

the foxes saw opportunity brassy bold

we gave up going out the back

consumed as we were by the digital

look out through the kitchen window

they hide in plain sight

every day a little closer

Some poems write themselves, the occasional one arrives fully formed and some like this one are a challenge. I have moved sections of the poem around like a cut up. Watch this space, I am sure it isn't complete yet.

so like I’m relaxed

still of body and face calm unwrinkled

and then there’s this voice

and my how it carries round the room

today is not negotiable- right!

you wake up now and you just do it!

he carries in with his urgent hectoring words

like my mother crossed with a surrealist

I look around the dream command centre

realise the controller is pushing the button and


I am awake

Conversely this second poem turned up complete, all it required was a polish. It is a simple poem that does the business. 

I leave you with a recent live clip of Annabelle Chvostek and the Echo Choir. It looked like a really good concert. Perhaps soon she will make it back to the UK for some gigs. We can only hope.

Until next time.  

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